Agustín Sacanell
General Director

A 16-year experience TV producer and director. He is a founding partner and responsible for the creative strategy of the production company. He started his professional career at P&P, after in Endemol Argentine developing entertainment and humor audiovisual projects. In 2001, he took the role of executive producer in Play House Disney for RGB and years later, he made part of the production team at Cris Morena Group specializing himself in creative and commercial management of fiction TV specials. He studied production and direction at TEA Imagen.

Lucas Rainelli
General Director

A business administrator with vast experience in the audiovisual industry, he is the Founder, Commercial Director and Kapow General Producer. An innate entrepreneur who created GTI in 1999, a company devoted to the broadcast supplies import for the audiovisual media, a Fuji Argentina representative, responsible for supplying and equipping the most prestigious production companies in the market. Lucas studied Business Administration at the Universidad de la Empresa.

Matías Edelman
Manager of Finance Administration and Business Affairs

A professional with more than 13 years of experience, he is in charge of the company’s administration leadership. He has worked in multinational companies such as HSBC, Siemens and Techint. With a bachelor degree in administration, he graduated with honors in the University of Buenos Aires.

Rocío Fressone

She has been working since 2013 for the company as a Production Coordinator and currently she's in charge of the Department of Co production, development and format distribution. She has worked in creative and production processes in renowned media of Argentina, Mexico and Chile. She's made the production designs and the production of prestigious reality shows such as "Latin America ldol", "The Amazing Race", "Project Runway" and "Extreme Makeover" among others. She studied integral TV production in "TEA Imagen".

Sebastián Cyrulnik
Production Director

He has been working for the company since 2008 as General Manager. He worked as a producer for Canal 13, TELEFÉ, America, P&P and Promofilm, well-known networks and production companies in Argentina. He coordinated the contents and the production of the kids network Cablín for Video Cable Comunicaciones, VCC. From 2004 to 2008, he carried out the entire production of the Gourmet signal with more than 500 hours of original annual schedule. He studied Social Communication at the University of Buenos Aires.

Mariano Laudonio
Commercial Director

He started as a radio producer in Rock & Pop, Del Plata. In 2003, he was the Commercial Producer at Ideas del Sur (for Telefé, Canal 9 and Canal 13). He worked as Comercial Director at 3FV company and since 2010, he has been the Commercial Director at Kapow creating the Advertising Department for the development of brand strategy. He studied at ETER and attended different marketing, entertainment, advertising and media courses at UP.

Valeria Estrin

She is a CPA graduated from UBA (University of Buenos Aires). She began working in the professional field 9 years ago, working in small businesses, accounting studios and for the last three years in the advertising field, by being part of the company La Comunidad S.A. as a member of the administrative department. She is currently part of the Kapow Administration and Finance team and is in charge to manage the daily operations of the company.

Diego Ventura

Diego began as an Executive Producer at the company, leading projects in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru. He is currently in charge of the Department of Coproduction, development and formal distribution. He has worked in other important companies, such as RGB and Endemol Argentina in many renowned projects as "Yups TV", "'Kaos en la Ciudad", "Policías en Acción", "Confianza ciega" among others. At advertising field, he was the production manager of awarded commercials. He has a degree of "Image and Sound" from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

Carolina Perez

She started working in the company in 2008 at the Administration Department for the show "Activados" (América TV). She has been working in the Treasury area for 11 years, running payments, collections and invoices. She is responsible for the design and administration of the petty cash of many Kapow shows, mainly of "Cocineros Argentinos" (TV Publica Argentina) and of the company in general terms. She is a graduate of ORT, with a degree in Business Administration. She also studied Integral TV Production in TEA image.

Marcelo Camaño
Fiction Content Director

He has a bachelor degree in Social Communication. Author, creator, screenwriter and professor. He has a master in Film and TV writing at the University of Barcelona. President of the Audiovisual Authors Association in Argentina. Acclaimed referent in the local and international market for years, his books, adaptations and scripts were an audience success and awarded national and internationally. EMMY Award for Best Foreign Production.

Agustina Scuderi
Production and Communication

She started working at the company in 2013 as Post Production Coordinator of the shows "Concentrados en red" (DeporTV), "Caramelito, siempre con vos" (Canal 9), "Video Love" (MTV) and "Cocineros Argentinos" (TV Publica Argentina). She also worked as a producer on the series "Estocolmo" (Netflix) and on the reality show "No te lo pongas" (Discovery Home and Health). She is currently in charge of the digital area of ​​"Cocineros Argentinos" and internal communication of Kapow.She studied integral TV production at TEA Imagen.

Agustina Amiel
Production and Communication

She started working at Kapow in 2014 in the production of the shows "Caramelito, siempre con vos" (Canal 9), "Help, necesito un favor" (Telefé), "Está Cantado" (Canal 9), "Video Love" (MTV) and “Cocina sobre ruedas” (América TV). She also worked as an art and setting outdoor producer in "Cocineros Argentinos" (TV Pública Argentina), by travelling through the country. Currently, she is responsible for Kapow’s internal communication and provides support to the Co-production and Content Development area of ​​the company. She studied integral TV production at TEA Imagen.

Matías Catopodis
Executive Producer

He started working in the company in 2012, developing content and as a screenwriter for the shows "Concentrados en red" (DeporTV), "Caramelito, siempre con vos" (Canal 9) and "Help, necesito un favor" (Telefé). He also worked as a producer and then as the production coordinator of "Cocineros Argentinos" (TV Pública Argentina) and was the executive producer of "El Festival de Cocineros". He is currently the executive producer of "Cocineros Argentinos". He also worked as a producer and theater director and as teacher of fine arts. In cinema he directed "La Cruz" a medium-length film in post-production process. He studied, audiovisual production, fine arts, literature and theater direction.

Sebastián Raponi
Executive Producer

He works as executive producer in the company since 2015, currently leading the show "Cocineros de Noche" (TV Publica Argentina). Throughout his career he worked in production and content development of many formats in different countries, being the most important: executive producer of “Factor X” for TVN (Chile), executive producer of realities shows at Promofilm for Channel 13 (Chile) and Telemundo (Miami) and Production and content consultant for realities shows at SBT (Brazil). In Argentina, he was in charge of the executive production of the magazine “Grandiosas” and the production coordination of “The Price is right”, both Canal 13 shows. He studied Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mercedes Fernandez Rouyet
Production coordinator

She began her career in Advertising, working in renowned commercials for brands such as "Mercedes Benz" and "Swiss Medical." She was part of the content production and realization of Feinmann’s show "Filosofía Aquí y Ahora" (Encuentro Channel) and was the content and realization producer in the David Cup of Topper for ESPN. She started working at Kapow as Post Production Coordinator in 2013. Then she was the production coordinator of the shows "Está cantado" (Canal 9), "Concentrados en red" (DeporTV), and is currently in charge of the coordination of "Cocineros Argentinos" (TV Pública). She is a Cinematographic Producer graduated from Argentina Film University (FUC).

Sebastián Corbacho
Production coordinator

He started working at the company in 2013, as a journalist producer at the show "Concentrados en Red" (DeporTV) and worked as producer of the shows "Help, necesito un favor" (Telefé), "Cocineros Argentinos" (TV Pública Argentina) and "El Sillón" (Canal á). He was also in charge of the production of "Ciencia a la carta" (TecTV). He is currently the production coordinator of the show "Cocineros de Noche" (TV Pública Argentina). He previously worked as an editor on many radios and made the journalistic production of the iconic television show "La Cornisa" (América TV). He has a degree in Journalism (Universidad Abierta Interamericana) and a Postgraduate course in Corporate Communication (UADE).