Terapia Alternativa

Terapia Alternativa / Alternative Therapy

This comedy drama tells Selva's story, a wacky and renowned couple therapist, whose way of working is challenged by the arrival of a couple of lovers to her office: Elías and Malena. The couple is going through a crisis in their relationship, so they decide to seek help in order to split up and get to be happy in their respective marriages. In light of this new and unexplored challenge, Selva, together with this couple, will embark on an atypical therapy, which will make her cross all her professional boundaries. The series is included in Star+'s original content catalog and is directed by Ana Katz.

Los Protectores

Los Protectores / The Protectors

Los protectores tells the story of three football players' agents who are completely different from one another and are forced to set up a company to save their business. Thus, The Protectors Corporation is born. This is an agency that cares for the wealth of its football players and, besides, specializes in taking them away from temptations and helping them with the most unexpected problems. It's created and directed by Marcos Carnevale. The series is a Star+'s original series.

Presidente / The President

The highly anticipated Amazon Original series El Presidente brings the story of the 2015 “FIFA Gate” corruption scandal. Set against the backdrop of cities across Latin America, the U.S. and Europe, the series explores the sports scandal that rocked the world through the story of Sergio Jadue, a small‐time Chilean football club president who rose from obscurity to become a key player in a $150MM bribery conspiracy at the hand of the infamous president of the Argentine football association, Julio Grondona.

La Jauría

The Pack / La Jauría

The police squad specializing in gender crimes, headed by Olivia Fernández, races against the clock to solve what will be the most difficult case of their careers. In a school taken over by its students, Blanca, a student, and leader of the feminist movement, disappears. Hours later, a video goes viral showing that the young woman was raped by a group of hooded men. The police will have to struggle to find the young woman and identify the aggressors before it is too late. The only clue: a WhatsApp group to which they all belong called "La Jauría" (The Pack). What lies behind this group is a particular game in which a priest, a teacher, a repairman, and even Blanca's father could be involved.

Estocolmo / Stockholm, lost identity

Estocolmo tells along 13 episodes, with an almost surgical level of detail, the criminal, judicial and mediatic investigation around the vanishing of a young woman in the hands of a human trafficking network. An attorney general, an uncover agent and a journalist, are immersed in a criminal plot that mixes suspense, drama and action, where the law and justice are opposite sides of the same coin.

La noche del buen marido / The night of the good husband

The first scientific sitcom in Latin America. Marriage and food in the era of social media. Neuroscience, chemistry, biology, nutrition and a lot of humor. Starring Florencia Benitez and Esteban Menis and in each episode a renowned chef like Juan Braceli, Jimena Monteverde, Cook Grimaldi, among others will participate. The sitcom has 8 episodes of 22 minutes that can be watched on Tec TV and CINE.AR.

Cocineros Argentinos

Cocineros Argentinos / Argentine Cooks

We've produced Cocineros Argentinos for 12 years now. This show is the gastronomic federal chronicle of TV Pública. On the basis of the program content, we've developed different products:
- Two cookbooks that include some of the recipes made in the different programs. They're in the third position of the sale ranking of non-fiction books.
- An interactive web platform with recipes, tips and reports that has more than 4 million monthly visitors: 175,000 subscribers and more than 80 million views on YouTube; more than 2 million followers on Facebook, 300,000 on Twitter and 1.7 million on Instagram.
- A free supplement with the best recipes of the renowned television cycle which is distributed together with Diario Popular.
- A mobile app with more than 200,000 downloads.
- The format has been exported to the United States, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia and Uruguay.

Está en tus manos

Está en tus manos / It's in Your Hands

Está en tus manos is a game show hosted by Edith Hermida in which two participants, together with their partners (Turco García and Mica Viciconte), compete with each other in a test track to win thousands of prizes. The participants will have to play with simple elements that people have at home, such as tools, screws, pots, shelves, faucets, fans, bath curtains, wires, outlets, drawers, caps, lids and tiles. With them, they'll have to pass different tests skillfully, ingeniously and cunningly.

Ciencia a la carta / A la carta science

Juan is a cook and Eugenia, a biologist. As normal friends, they eat together and in each encounter they release their passions: gastronomy and science. Through the different recipes they prepare we will discover the scientific side of the kitchen, where the chef gives the instructions for the preparation of each dish and his scientific friend interprets and comments on the different chemical processes and biological properties of each preparation. With Juan Braceli special participation, this is a reality fiction of 13 chapters of 26 minutes each that can be watched on Tec TV.

Help! Necesito un favor

Help! Necesito un favor / Help! I Need a Favor

This game show aired by Telefé and hosted by Juan Marconi has two competitors who, in the middle of the street, have to convince strangers to do them different favors as quickly as possible. As the participants begin to pass the tests, they'll start moving forward in the competition and winning different cash prizes.

Atrevete / Dare yourself

Dare yourself with Alessandra is the first big show on television whose excluding subject is sex, an inclusive show where nobody is left out. During a two-hour show, the well-known sexologist Alessandra Rampolla discusses different aspects related with a topic, that in many countries, is a still a taboo. Alessandra advises, explains controversial aspects about sexuality didactically, she receives guests, plays games and has fun with the viewers.

Está cantado / Sing it out loud

This show is a musical gameshow that doesn’t give importance to great voices but to fun. Five contestants will be eliminated one at a time, along 4 games and only two of them will get to the final. The finalists will contest in “the note that is worth”, where the contestant who can hold the “la” musical note the longest time, will get the prize, whose sum of money will depend on the time taken. Games that can also be played at home, hosts that throw themselves into the challenges, a huge bird whose only function is to make people laugh and a live band which adds a joyous atmosphere is the recipe of this funny proposal where the big winner is the viewer.